Thursday, 23 April 2015

In the age of 'speed' is Therapy following suit? Can it?

NLP-Hypnotherapy, Havening, TFT and Reflective Repatterining. These modern Techniques are threatening to clear the way of the old-fashioned talking therapies. For regularly experienced anxiety and addiction issues that would otherwise have taken weeks or months to treat using more traditional methods, now, the public have a choice giving us options beyond the therapy couch. 

In the age of twitter and fast responses, is the face of therapy needing to change with us?
In the past, if you have a psychological issue like anxiousness or a phobia then you would have one of two options. You could either hop on over to a talking therapist like a psychiatrist, or you could just deal with the problem. For a multitude of different reasons, and we will come to those soon, the majority of people opted for the latter. They just dealt with their problems, or tried their best at least. However, the brain is a rather complex beast and dealing with issues on your own is not quite as easy as it may seem. In fact, it is nigh on impossible. Thankfully, new advances in therapy have negated the need for either of those options. These advances tend to be working well too.
Let us go back to why people would avoid the therapy couch.  A majority of people who might experience a period of work stress, lack of direction in life, a sadness or anxiety might long for a quick end to the issue and now have that matched by a therapy that can deliver. The media is offering us more faces of quick therapies and treatments and there are a bevy of options from which to choose - it can be dizzying. Do any of them actually work?  
Now I can't imaging being a talking-therapist and hearing people's problems being blasted at you all day.  This, apart from reminding the client just how down right miserable they might feel about it - is hardly likely to actively change their reaction and experience. Notoriously- it doesn't have the speediest reputation. Even the simplest of problems can take many sessions to deal with and that is really going to eat into your finances, even with the cheapest of psychiatrists around.
At Health-Success clinics in London and Manchester, the client has delivered detailed information to the therapist before the session and following a brief initial chat, the study and pre-session work has been done and the client and the therapist can begin working together to positively make real changes to how they feel. This can happen in the first ten minutes - even sooner! With therapies like Havening and using clever techniques from NLP and TFT, RR and other modalities, a therapist with a few of the modern techniques to hand can weave a personalised and bespoke array of treatments for the client's subconscious to work with. 
So, let’s go back to these alternative therapies. There are a few out there, but the ones I wish to discuss are the Havening technique, a new and exciting technique, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis.  You may actually find many psychiatrists practising these techniques nowadays. Whilst these techniques are slightly different in the way in which they are administered, they basically all boil down to the same thing. These methods look to really tap into the brain and deal with the problem at the root, rather than dissect everything around it which is slow and cumbersome and which may not even be effective in the first place.
Here is the real kicker. These techniques, NLP, hypnosis, and Havening, can actually be carried out in a single hour session. That’s right. You just go to a professional, sit in a chair for an hour, and walk out feeling like the issue has really gone. Obviously, some problems may take longer than a single session to get right, but most people should be dealt with in less than hour, which is of course going to be brilliant for your wallet. It also means that you can just go and get on with your life without all of those worries holding you down. It is a great experience.
The brilliant thing is that these ‘life changing’ therapies are only in their early stages. Sure, they have existed in the past, but researchers were not really open to developing these techniques. Many people are still vastly unaware of the options. Nowadays, people see just how brilliant they can actually be and the fact that they are delivering real results to people. This means that a lot of action is happening in the alternate therapies field at the moment. If things continue the way they are, and at the speed they are, I am willing to wager that the days of the ‘nodding’ psychiatrist will be long passed.

Diane Beck is an NLP Hypnotherapist in Wigmore Street, Marylebone W1 and Central Manchester for Health-Success please visit the website for more information or call 0161 949 8182 to contact Diane Directly. 
Diane is a Master TFT Voice Tech trained therapist, with trainings in multiple modalities such as Havening, Reflective Repatterining, HaRRming to Heal Energy Therapy and Reiki. A RADA trained actress, Diane is a specialist in Anxiety and Confidence Diane often treats actors and performers, presenters in business and those seeking specialist skills in communication and stage fright.